Best Energy Deals 2023

Hacks To Save On Your Energy Bills

As we know due to the recent cost of living crisis energy bills are also on the rise therefore the following guide is here to assist you on your journey to finding the best energy deals suited to your needs.

“Comparing the best energy deals has never been easier with just a click of a button you could be seconds away from saving hundreds of pounds create an account and start saving today”

Hack #1: Using Price Comparison Sites to find the best energy deals

Benefits Of Using Comparison Sites to find the best Energy Price Deals

  • Energy bill reduction: Helps you find the best energy deal in terms of efficiency and price potentially saving you hundreds of pounds every year
  • Business Energy Deals: Assists businesses to not only get the best energy deal but drastically increase revenue through savings so you no longer have to worry about just surviving as a business
  • Personalised Energy Price Deals: Get a energy price deal tailored in accordance to your energy usage
  • Convenience: using a comparison is easy and convenient
  • Broadens your search: price comparison sites may recommend less established companies providing you the best value for money.
  • Set Reminders and Updates for future energy price deals: Companies may get in touch with you directly via email. You may receive recommendations and alerted about new price caps or get in touch with an agent for professional advice.

Hack #2: Use your appliances more efficiently to cut down your energy bill

There are many appliances within your home which can seriously increase the price of your energy bill often times this goes unnoticed. By using your appliances more efficiently you can potentially significantly minimise your energy bill by cutting off hundred of pounds. Investing in new energy efficient appliances is a sure fire way to achieve your energy saving goals in the long run.

Some experts suggest that “Energy Star appliances save between 10 and 50% of the energy you need, depending on the reference model – and much more when you replace an old appliance.”

Additionally, there other money saving methods which you can implement solely based on your electricity usage as well as appliances;

  • Getting some energy saving lightbulbs: LED lightbulb are well-known for their energy efficiency and are very effective in cutting down energy costs. It is estimated LED’s have an energy efficiency of around 30-40%
  • Turning off your lights when not in use
  • Washing machines: Invest in an high efficiency
  • Turn off appliances when not in use. Don’t just leave them in standby as this will continue to use electricity instead turn it off completely
  • Limit your heating usage as much as possible: whenever possible turn off the heating and try to only heat up the rooms which are most necessary. Wear extra layers in order to prevent the need for turning on the heating.

Pro Tip: utilise electricity cost calculators to be aware of which appliances in your home cost the most to run and plan your usage accordingly for your budget.

Hack #3: Thermal Insulation

Another great effective solution to drastically decrease your energy bill is to invest in the installation of thermal insultation within your home. Thermal insulation can protect your home from heat loss thus warming your home quickly and for longer retaining money to a greater extent. Improved insulation can potentially retain up to 80% of the heating than without it. As well as reducing energy costs it lessens and prevents the development of damp, mould and condensation providing your home with a stable and safe environment. Thermal insulation is also eco-friendly therefore environmentally friendly.